How to Install WordPress on Cpanel

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Here we are discussing on How to Install WordPress on Cpanel and another platform also. As well as we will describe the configuration of WordPress. We also will see on how to install WordPress on localhost manually.

WordPress is most popular content management system (CMS). Also, best blogging platform. The interface of WordPress is user-friendly. As well as the availability of thousands of plugin and themes make WordPress best in blogging field.

Nowadays Installation of WordPress blog very simple. All hosting services giving WordPress one-click installation option through their Cpanel. So it is less than a 5-minute job to install WordPress in Cpanel.Because of this WordPress allows us to easily set up flexible blogs and websites with PHP processing and MySQL backend database.

How to Install WordPress

  1. Web hosting and domain – Find domain and Hosting space for your website or blog
  2. Nameserver lookup- Synchronise domain name with host space
  3. Get WordPress and Install- Download from or use one-click installation software
  4. Configure Preinstallation settings- Configure MySQL, Admin User and connect with Database, edit WP CONFIG PHP
  5. Complete installation of WordPress and set up new website.

Web hosting and domain

You have to get the best domain name and best Hosting services for the installation of WordPress. If word press installation is in localhost server your computer will be host space and URL is localhost.

Domain name is URL of your website and Host space is disk space on the internet to save and syn you files related to the website. Average price for a domain name is 12$. As well as the cheap price for hosting service starting from 2$/month and is varying depends on packages and additional features.

Nameserver Lookup and Nameserver Example

Most of the hosting services giving free domain with their hosting packages. So synchronisation between domain and hosting will do automatically. If you are getting a domain and hosting from different service provider then you need to add DNS of hosting service provider in domain configuration section to synchronise.

For example: Assume you are getting hosting service from Bluehost and your domain registered with GoDaddy then you have to add DNS of Bluehost to GoDaddy.

DNS of Bluehost will be like

By default, Godaddy DNS is configured in domain name purchase from GoDaddy. to update this DNS with blue host DNS login to GoDaddy account and open domain name

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). so it is free to download. you can get from All hosting companies provide one-click installation of WordPress through Cpanel.So no need to download WordPress. if you are installing WordPress manually on Cpanel or localhost then download WordPress. after downloading extract and upload to root directory through FTP software. you can use FTP software like Filezilla or Cyberduck.

How to Install WordPress on Cpanel

Let us see How to Install WordPress on Cpanel by softaculous. As mentioned before all hosting service company provide one-click installation of WordPress option in Cpanel. It is with the help of softaculous, cPAddon Software or control panel addon site software interface.

Login into Cpanel of Host provider

Click on WordPress icon as shown in the picture under Softaculous Apps Installer section. It will open Softaculous WordPress install window. then click on “Install Now” option. it will direct to WordPress preinstallation configuration window as shown below

It will open Softaculous WordPress install window. then click on “Install Now” option. it will direct to WordPress preinstallation configuration window as shown below

How to Install WordPress on Cpanel by softaculous Step by Step

  1. Choose protocol- if you have SSL license then you can choose HTTPS else HTTP
  2. Choose Domain – select prefered domain with or without www as per your requirement
  3. In Directory- Remove default “wp” and keep blank
  4. Site Name- Edit site name as per your requirement
  5. Site description – Provide small description about your website
  6. Enable Multisite- you can enable or disable multisite option. if you are enabling you can use WordPress multisite option
  7. Admin Username- Provide WordPress login username. we are suggesting to use any username other than default ” Admin”
  8. Password- use a strong password with a combination of Small letter, Cap letter, number and signs
  9. Email- Provide admin email address
  10. Click on install button. database details are in advance option. The software will automatically assign database name and table prefix. we are not suggesting to change this. after selecting installation within 5 minutes WordPress will install and you can use

How to Install WordPress Manually in Cpanel Step by Step

Let us see on How to Install WordPress Manually in Cpanel. Most of the cases one-click installation will do all jobs. but in some cases, we have to do the installation manually if the one-click installation fails or one-click installation option is not available.

  1. Download WordPress package and unzip
  2. Upload packages to root directory of hosting account
  3. Create MySQL database and user account
  4. Enter pre-installation WordPress details
  5. Run installation and complete process

Download Latest version of WordPress package. you have to upload these WordPress packages to hosting account. You can directly install from Cpanel by accessing web root.

File manager> public_html or www

Then click on upload and chose zip file and select on extract. If extract option, not available upload using FTP software. As mentioned before you can use FTP software like Filezilla or Cyberduck.

Unzip downloaded WordPress package. then open FTP client software and enter FTP access credential. It will provide by Host service company and will be as mentioned below

Domain Name:
IP Address:
FTP Username:
FTP Password:

once you connect through FTP your hosting root directory will show on the right side (Remote side). Open public_html/www directory.

As well as in left side open Unzipped WordPress file and upload all contents of that file.Then after completion of upload create MySQL database.

How to install WordPress on localhost Step by Step

let us see on how to install WordPress on localhost. Initially, we have to install Software like XAMPP or WAMP software to make system Local Host. This software will create web hosting environment locally. Also will create necessary services like APACHE, MySQL, PHP etc.

How to install WordPress in XAMPP

Let us see on how to install WordPress in XAMPP. To install WordPress in XAMPP, Download XAMPP and run Setup. Once installation completed. Then Select necessary components like APACHE, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin etc.

After completion of XAMPP installation run Software and execute all services.Make sure all services are running. Then run open XAMPP by entering http://localhost on the web browser.

Also, Create database by visiting URL http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Then open root directory C:/Program Files/XAMPP/htdocs and copy extracted WordPress package. Then connect database with WordPress and complete installation.

How to install WordPress in WAMP

Let us see on how to install WordPress in WAMP Server. To install WordPress in WAMP, Download WAMP and run Setup. After completion of WAMP Installation open wamp. As well as make sure all services like APACHE and MySQL are running properly. Also create database by using URL http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Open root directory C:/wamp/www and then copy unzipped WordPress Package. Then connect WordPress with database by edit wp-config.php

How to Create MySQL Database and Connect with WordPress

Let us check on how to create MySQL database on Cpanel for WordPress installation. To create database open Cpanel and under database, section click on “MySQL Database Wizard”. Then Create the new database and enter username and password for the new database.Then Click on “Create User”, it will lead to privilege option an select “All Privileges”.

After the configuration of database Run WordPress Installation. To run WordPress installation run URL on the browser

“”.Then It will open a window like this enter New database name, password.

So It will open a window like this enter all MySQL database details.

If it not possible to configure database then you have to configure it manually through Cpanel. for that Open Cpanel and access root web directory.

Edit wp config php from dashboard

File manager> Public_html> wp-config-sample.php

Rename this file to wp-config.php  or can create duplicate file and save as wp-config.php open and edit wp-config.php file. then update recoloured details and run installation

How to open WordPress after installation

Let us see how to open WordPress after installation. After completion of WordPress installation open website by using URL

Then provide admin username and password for WordPress and login into Dashboard.

Make necessary changes in settings. Also, install the theme and required Plugin. Follow below-mentioned checklist

  1. Check and change site name and website description and registration and time zone.
  2. Change permalink settings. Category and Tag base also
  3. Delete sample Post, Unwanted themes and plugin. Also, edit default category,
  4. Setting up Homepage in Reading option
  5. Update user profile
  6. Install New theme and configure.
  7. Install necessary plugins for Security, Cache, SEO and backup
  8. Start to write contents
  9. Connect with the webmaster
  10. Connect with Social Media

Suggest Me Best Method how to install WordPress on Cpanel

Choose and Suggest Me Best and secure way of installing WordPress content management system. Base on your suggestion and voting I can suggest the most popular method to your friend. As well as If I missed something or if you have any suggestion kindly let me know by comments.

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