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Use Instagram Stories For Marketing (Best Practices)

Instagram is all rage & rightly so the organic growth on the platform is decent, higher than Facebook of course, Instagram stories which began as an image sharing site & image editing site is now of the most dominant social media platform.

Instagram is the favourite platform for a lot of ‘influencers out there. This platform has the source of your marketing for your brand name and promotion. According to the recent reports, it has been seen that around 45% of the marketers from all around use Instagram for their primary marketing line.

Instagram has 1 Billion Active Monthly Users

Snapchat has a million active users as well, but the rate is decreasing, and it is not everyone’s favourite even. But for Instagram, everyone is there because the platform helps you to grow your brand and attract the clients who are prospective for your business line.

Use Instagram Stories For Marketing Best Practices
Use Instagram Stories For Marketing Best Practices

what are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are a rip-off of Snapchat’s unique value proposition, Snapchat was the one who came up with ephemeral vertical disappearing short-lived content, and people accepted it like crazy. Instagram replicated that feature into it’s platform as Instagram Stories, you can add vertical content in the form of Images & short 5 second videos the content will be visible for 24 Hours.

What’s innovative about Instagram Stories is the fact that they came up with intriguing engagement capturing visual elements like a poll, countdown timer, Spotify playlist and so much more.

In fact, studies have proven that people are spending more time on Instagram stories than Instagram Feed, though Instagram hasn’t given the official declaration.

Instagram stories make the solid ground for effective marketing because it helps you to understand the need of your audience to the very best. It’s a tool to register feedback from your target audience in real-time.

So there are some methods and effectiveness which are needed in the short and long run for the marketing campaign. We will discuss both of them here later. Instagram stories were first launched like you see posts on Snapchat. They appear for a limited time frame of about 24 hours, and then those disappear.

Unlike Snapchat, you can take a screenshot of these stories and use it for your use. The user or the profile who have set it up wouldn’t know.

HubSpot despite catering to B2B ecosystem best utilizes Instagram Stories to connect with the global audience.

How To Use Instagram Stories For Marketing
How To Use Instagram Stories For Marketing

As you can see in the above screenshot of HubSpot stories they are promoting their free blog ideas generator tool, and they have added action button “See more” to redirect users to the page where they can generate blog topic ideas.

Why Should You Include These Stories In Your Marketing Strategy?

The most important reason to use Instagram Stories for your brand is that fact that you get your target customer full-screen attention which isn’t possible with any other form of content, there’s always a distraction.

Let us add some critical data and facts that a marketer should consider when they are promoting their brand on Instagram. According to the Mediakix, there are around two times more stories posted on Instagram than they are posted on Snapchat. Your followers who are actively following you on Instagram will see your stories. And this way you will get a full audience grip.

Here is how you can optimize your Instagram stories to get a wide range of audience.

  1. Make sure that you are using hashtags. These are the main thing which helps your stories to be featured on the preferred platform.
  2. Use a brand name and then pin it. Suppose you are marketing your product on Instagram and you are being sponsored. Make sure that you use the sponsored content to add some audience and views to your stories.
  3. Optimize your Instagram stories well. Don’t make a cluster out of it. No audience will view your account if they are coming in a clustered way.
  4. Make sure to put some element of surprise. Scope out for a giveaway. If you are scoping out for a giveaway, then you are engaging your audience thinking that they would invest into it. This way, you can attract them into your marketing strategy.
  5. Create custom-designed Instagram Highlights and segregate your Instagram stories categorically into these highlights.

According to sources, it has been said that around 50% of the brand marketers from everywhere are active on Instagram and nowhere else. It has helped them to skyrocket their service.

Can you use your Instagram stories to reach the right audience?

Here is how you need to use your Instagram stories right.

Know your audience

Know what kind of audience you need to attract to your brand. It is the main thing which comes here. If you know your audience, then you will know how to market the product that you have. It will be easier for you in every single way.

Know your goals

Now that you have known about your audience, it is time for you to think about your intentions as well. Do you want to expand your business or do you want to work with only one line of product? The question lies within you, so always know the answer before you start working.

Increase your profile identity

The main thing we are missing here in amidst of all the points is, you need to increase the visual score of your profile in order to start working towards it. If your profile has nothing or no presence online, then you can never draw your audience towards it.

How to dive into more engagement?

Instagram helps you with several tools to make sure that you are diving into a vast field of audience and improving your business score. In order to convince the clients and win them for your business, Instagram helps you with a lot of marketing tools. It is best that you use a business profile for the said tasks. It will be easier for you to manage, and you can keep a separate, personal profile for yourself.

Around 10 thousand people swipe in and out of the Instagram stories every day, and this is what makes the platform so widely engaging. 

If you have an optimized profile for your brand promotion, then you should get at it as soon as possible.

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