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To make your website SEO-friendly, you need to have the best SEO tools. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the collection of measures that you take to make your website search engine friendly. So that you can drive unlimited and free organic traffic from the search engines. Here we are suggesting best SEO tool List 2019-2020 to which will help to make your website SEO-friendly.

SEO techniques are something that keeps on changing every year because search engine algorithms get updated frequently as technology grows. So the following is the list of the best free SEO tools and top paid SEO tools that you catapult your search engine ranking to a higher place. But before going into them and their features, let us first understand what Search Engine Optimisation tools really are. Also, what they can do for you.

What Are Search Engine Optimisation Tools and How It Will Improve Website Performance?

There are certain techniques to make your website and web content as per the guidelines of the search engine ranking algorithms. It is not possible to do those techniques manually. Because it would take multiple years and the result will take a decade to appear, if at all. Search Engine Optimisation tools are applications that are designed to perform these techniques flawlessly. Starting from finding the right keywords for your website to performing on-page SEO works, SEO tools can boost your website performance on the search engine like never before.

For example, from the provided Search Engine Optimisation tools list, you will find a tool that will analyze your website’s SEO profile. So you can point out the weak areas that are barring you from ranking high. Among the best SEO tools for small business, there are some that can reveal the SEO strategy your competitors are using. On-page best SEO tools 2019-2020 will ensure that your website’s content is understood faster and completely by the search engine crawlers so that your ranking can be higher for relevant queries. In short, SEO tools can make your website SEO-friendly as well as user-friendly by pointing out the weaknesses to rectify.

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Best SEO Tools 2019-2020 -Free Search Engine Optimisation Tools

Google Keyword Planner

There are primarily two Free Google SEO tools available that are widely used by the SEO professionals. One of them is Google Keyword Planner. This free google keyword traffic tool is used for finding the keywords to be used on the web content.

You can find the keywords for your website, web content of web pages as well as your articles. It lists the keywords with parameters like monthly volume and approximate CPC rate. Hence you can choose the ones that are having a high rate of searches and good enough CPC value. Just write the topic on which you want keywords and the list will be available for you to pick from. Keyword Planner is still one of the best SEO tools 2020 for keyword research.

Google Analytics

The second Free Google SEO tool is Google Analytics. That reveals insights about your web traffic. Hense you can improve the user experience and in turn, make your website SEO –friendly.

First, you have to link Google Analytics to your website by google analytics code. Then it will provide you the complete report about the web traffics that visit your website. You can get parameters like the country of the users, the devices they are using, how much of them are new, which post is getting how much views and various such crucial details.

If you make content based on what your web traffics are looking for and liking on your website, you can enhance the user experience to keep old users intact. Furthermore, this improvement in user experience. Since UX is a major factor in better SEO rank and hence, you can get more new users conveniently. It is one of the best SEO tools for small business.

Yoast SEO

If your website is based on WordPress, this is a must-have plugin. Yoast WordPress plugin, one of the best SEO tools 2017 and it is used for on-page optimization. Whether it is web content of a webpage or an article on your blog, it points out the negatives. So that you can rectify them instantly and get a good overall on-page SEO rating. Starting from heading and meta description to body and grammatical usage, this tool is indispensable. You can also find other Best SEO On page Optimisation WordPress Plugin Like Yoast

Tiny JPG

Image optimization is a neglected SEO measure that can improve your website’s speed and enhance user experience. Images can time to load and this can bring down the page speed annoying the users. Tiny JPG or Tiny PNG compresses the image file to nearly half their size without compromising with the quality. Therefore, the images will take the least time to show and the user experience and in turn, SEO rank will be higher.

SEO Analyzer

SEO Analyzer developed by one of the renowned SEO experts Neil Patel. With this tool, you can get a detailed and complete report on the SEO status of your website. The report points out the weaknesses and errors that are pulling down your SEO rank. You can compare your site’s SEO with your competitor to understand the difference. There is a detailed listing of parameters like backlinks, keywords, page speed, social media impact recommendations, and more.

Apart from these, some of the other best free SEO tools include, Alt text checker, Open Site Explorer, SEO Review Tools and likewise.

Best SEO Tools 2020 Paid Search Engine Optimisation Tools PRO

If you find Google Keyword Planner difficult to understand and use, keywordtool is tailor-made for you. It is one of the most popular Google keyword planner alternatives. You have to buy the Pro version and you can discover the most profitable and highly searched keywords. The result generated is search engine specific like Google, YouTube, Bing and likewise. So that you can optimize your content based on which search engine’s traffic visit your website the most.

Moz Pro

Premium Moz tool (Moz Pro) designed to improve the SEO parameters of your website. You can check your ranking for each keyword. As well as you can get a report about the compatibility of your website and mobile and desktop platform. Moz Pro will help to do experiment with keywords, get a better understanding and insight of the regular traffic. Also, find best performing keywords at present with Moz tools and various much information.

Advanced Web Ranking

This is one of the best SEO tools 2020 and it is totally worth paying tool. You can track your rank for different keywords, build links and analyze them, get social media signals, and perform various technical website optimizations for faster and better ranking. There are three pricing models available to choose from.


Most popular and top paid SEO tools and Ahref has A2Z options SEO works will require. Starting from the site and keyword explorer to backlink, rank, SERP checker, all the SEO tools list is available under one roof. There are lite, standard and advanced pricing models available. You can do domain comparison, batch analysis, link intersect, set different alerts, discover broken links and whatnot.


SEO tools list is incomplete with Copyscape. Plagiarized content can pull the SEO rank of your website significantly lower as it will occur to the web crawlers that you are just stealing others content and posting on your website. Therefore, before posting any web content, check through Copyscape for a nominal rate and once, there is no plagiarism in your web content, you can go ahead and post it.

Apart from these top paid SEO tools 2019, you can watch out for Ontolo, Optimizely, SEMrush, and likewise. All these tools are best SEO tools for small businesses to boost their web and search engine ranking patiently.

Suggest Me Best Search Engine Optimisation Tools Free and Paid 2020

More than 100 plus tools are available to optimize search engine including both free and premium. here we suggested selected some most popular SEO tools. I hope my list of best Search engine optimization tools will help to optimize your blog or website. Also, suggest me other most popular SEO tools available. You can also vote for 5 top SEO tools so that your friends can use and apply to make the most successful blog and next blogger.

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