How to Choose a WordPress Theme

Here we are discussing on How to choose a WordPress theme for your Blog. Also, let us have a look on factors to be considered while choosing Best WordPress themes. As well as on how to install WordPress theme.

One of the reasons to become WordPress as best content management system is availability unlimited number of themes. Because of this, anyone can make stylish WordPress website. Free WordPress themes are available for download in WordPress theme directory. As well as premium WordPress themes are available as free premium WordPress themes and paid premium WordPress themes. Also premium themes available through different theme shops. ThemeForest provides a big collection of best premium WordPress theme.

Responsive WordPress themes and non-responsive are two option available. We are suggesting to responsive WordPress theme because nowadays most of the visitors are through mobile. Responsive WordPress theme will automatically resize depends on the size of the platform. Also, design optimised theme whether it is a desktop, tablet or Mobile phone.

Average price for the Paid premium WordPress themes is 50$. WordPress ThemeForest coupons, promo codes and deals are good money saving options.Also, I suggest to use premium WordPress themes because it is well coded, SEO and speed optimised and technical support.

How to choose a WordPress theme for your Blog.

Let us discuss on How to choose a WordPress theme for your blog. While choosing WordPress themes for your blog or website below listed some key factors need to be check.

Suggest Me key factors which you feel best to choose a WordPress theme for your website. Base on your suggestion and voting I can suggest most popular key factors to choose a WordPress theme for your Blog to your friend. Also, you can suggest your 5 Top key points to choose a WordPress theme from below list and vote. Also If you have any suggestion kindly let us know by comments.

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How to Find Your Perfect Blogging Niche Related Themes

Always need a clear idea about the website or blog which you are going to stat. So depends on Niche no of themes are available with the special feature. Also, most of the premium themes include some special plugin to customise theme function. Below listed are most popular theme categories based on niche or purpose.

  • News / Magazine WordPress themes
  • Business Directory Listing WordPress themes
  • Restaurants, Hotels, Real estate  Listing WordPress themes
  • E-commerce WordPress themes
  • Career/ Job board WordPress themes
  • Affiliate and coupon WordPress themes
  • Review WordPress Themes
  • Travel WordPress themes
  • Technology WordPress themes
  • Food and Recipe WordPress themes
  • Company/ Profile WordPress themes
  • Beauty and cosmetics Blog WordPress themes
  • Video blog word press themes
  • Guide and Educational Word press theme
  • Gallery and Photography WordPress Themes

WordPress theme reviews and Feedback

Let us have a look on how WordPress theme reviews and Feedback will help to choose best. Reviews and rating by the user will be based their experience and satisfaction. So users reviews and feedbacks will help to create genuine trust between customers. Hence it is best to choose themes with good reviews and themes. Also, good feedback from customers. In case of premium themes, it is important. So first check rating and feedbacks before investing on the themes. Pre-sales queries also will help to choose your best themes.

WordPress responsive themes

WordPress Responsive Theme or Responsivity in the WordPress theme is another factor to be considered.More and more user is accessing the website through mobile devices like Smartphone and Tablets etc. In this smart Era website which we are creating should be responsive to all interfaces. Also, it is one of the key factors in SEO. Google also gives more priority for mobile-friendly websites.

Lightweight WordPress themes and Secure

LightweightWordPresss themes or fastest WordPress theme framework is another Key factor to be considered. Well, programmed themes are Speed optimised and More secure. As well as perfect and well-stacked coding will help a website to achieve blazing speed.Since it is a factor of user satisfaction, 45% of website user expects your website to load in 2second. Also, 40% expect to load in 3 seconds. So almost 85% of users want a very high-speed website. SEO factor also saying website speed should not more than 5 seconds.

CSS optimization will make theme lightweight. Also Minification of CSS, Javascript will reduce theme sizes. Enabling Gzip and image optimisation also a key factor for speed. As well as Set the Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress will increase load speed

You can test the template and your website load speed at:

SEO Friendly WordPress theme

SEO Friendly WordPress Theme or Choosing Search Engine optimised Theme is another key factor. It is very important to choose SEO optimized WordPress theme because indexing website in the search engine is very important for the growth.Key factors which decide SEO optimisation are Valid and Well Coding, optimising speed, responsive design, Schema markup, Social media integration etc.

Key factors which decide SEO optimisation are Valid and Well Coding, optimising speed, responsive design, Schema markup, Social media integration etc.

Drag and drop WordPress theme builder and Theme Panel

Drag and drop WordPress theme builder or WordPress page builder enabled theme packages will help for easy customisation. Also, Customisation of the theme through theme Panel will help for easy configuration. WordPress theme builder is a plugin like the visual builder and also some theme developer comes with their own page builder. But many premium themes come with page builders pre-installed.

WordPress theme builder is a plugin like the visual builder and also some theme developer comes with their own page builder. But many premium themes come with page builders pre-installed.

Excellent theme WordPress with Cross-browser compatibility

WordPress Theme should be enabled by Cross-browser compatibility. Because users are using different browsers like chrome, firefox, internet explorer. So theme should look perfect on all these browsers. Sometimes

Sometimes the theme will be broken or misaligned in another web browser.Because of this theme compatibility with the browser is very important.

Most of the developer will check cross-browser compatibility with testing tools. So Checking cross-browser compatibility of WordPress theme with leading web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. is good.

Support of Essential WordPress plugins

Support of Essential WordPress plugins by WordPress theme is another key factor to be considered.Plugins are Heart WordPress website. Also, all functions are applying through plugins.As well as these plugins help you to do anything depends on your niche.

No of plugins are available for download including free and premium. Also, confirm that theme will support your required Plugins. below listed are some Essential WordPress plugins category.

  1. SEO WordPress Plugin
  2. Optimisation and Cache plugin for WordPress
  3. Spam filtering and Security Plugin for WordPress
  4. Social Media sharing Plugin for WordPress
  5. Email Subscription plugin for WordPress
  6. Page builder WordPress plugin
  7. Backup plugin for WordPress
  8. Google Analytic WordPress plugin
  9. Contact form WordPress Plugins
  10. URL Redirection WordPress Plugins

Most of the Premium themes are coming with Essential WordPress plugins as prepacked with themes depends on theme category. Theme package also includes Premium essential WordPress plugins required for that theme.

Simplicity in WordPress Themes

No matter whether the website is colourful or not. The matter is the content of the website and also how we are presenting. It also depends on user experience. Always content is king in blogging. If it company website or Personal profile then mixing of colour may fulfil user mind. Simple is best, but do not compromise on features.

Quick Technical support

Technical support for the applied theme is another important factor. Most of the premium WordPress developer guarantee support. but for free themes support will less, sometimes you will not get support. Because of that only, most of the user prefer premium WordPress themes.

Also, make sure support given by developers quick. if your technical or coding skill is very low, then we are suggesting to maintain support with theme developer. Most of the developers are giving free support for 1 year with the purchase of theme. Also, provide an option for extending support with affordable prices.

How to Install a WordPress theme for your Website

Let us have a look on How to Install a WordPress theme for your Website. To install free WordPress theme on a website open WordPress site admin panel. Then go to Appearance

Apprearance> Themes>Add new

Install available themes for free. Also, you can search theme based on the niche of websites. Filter options are also available.

To Installation of Premium WordPress themes are first you have to download theme package. then unzip and upload to the theme directory. To upload to theme directory you can use any of the below-mentioned themes.

  1. Theme installation via WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Install WordPress in Cpanel
  3. Install WordPress theme Via FTP

To install the theme via WordPress admin panel login admin panel and then go to Appearance.

Apprearance> Themes>Add new> Upload Theme

Then select Theme zip file and click on install. Also after the installation Activate it

Let us also have look on how to install WordPress in Cpanel step by step. To install first access Cpanel of Hosting account and then access root file. Then open wp-contents and Themes

public_html>wp-content>themes> upload zip file of theme and extract

After uploading the file, access WordPress admin panel and go to Appearance and theme. then click on activate the uploaded theme.

Also, let us check on how to install WordPress theme Via FTP. To upload via FTP login to root directory of host account through FTP Client using credential and retrieve theme directory.


As well as extract WordPress theme file and on the left side of FTP Client find theme unzipped theme file. Then Right click on file folder and click on upload.

On completion of uploading the theme, access WordPress admin panel and go to Appearance and theme. then click on activate the uploaded theme.

Suggestions and Feedback on How to choose a WordPress theme

I hope this article helped you to find best on the topic ” How to choose a WordPress”. You may also want to see our guide on How to create a website with WordPress like a pro.

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