Compare Best Bank Personal Loan in UAE Dubai & Abu Dhabi 2018

Hey do, you feel it is difficult to find Best Personal Loan in UAE?

Compare and Find Best bank loan in Dubai Abu Dhabi. Also, use our personal loan calculator to find the best personal loan in UAE

All authorized banks and Private financing companies in Dubi, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Al ain, Fujeirah provide personal loan for expat and National.

Mainly two type types of banking are available in all emirates in the United Arab Emirates like Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm al Quwain. They are the Islamic banking system and Non-Islamic banking System. Also, Islamic banking in UAE is most popular in this.

All the banks in UAE provide personal loan for National and Non-Nationals (Expatriates) if their guidelines meet. As well as banks in UAE prepared guideline based on basic salary, types of loans, salary transfer.

For personal loan in UAE 3000 salary required as basic Salary. So the minimum salary for the personal loan in UAE from the authorized bank will start from 3000 AED. Hence If you have the basic salary of 1500 AED,  personal loan for 2000 salary, 2500 AED or less than 3000 AED you cannot apply from Authorised Bank.

Also Most of Private Financing Company offering personal loan even if your salary 2000 AED, 2500 AED or less than 3000 AED. But finding trusted and best private personal finance company will be difficult.

Personal Loan Interests are different for different loan and all are varying depends on the employee’s basic Salary. I have more salary then will get more cash with the best interest rate.

Best Personal Loan in UAE for Expatriates and Nationals

Below listed area Best banks in UAE and top private money lenders in Dubai or Private Personal Loan providing company in UAE. Also, Their minimum basic salary to get the personal loan, personal loan interest rate in Dubai or UAE are described. As well as described, details salary transfer requirement to get a personal loan in the United Arab Emirates and a list of required documents. You can also calculate your personal loan in UAE using personal loan calculator.

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DIB Personal loan (Dubai Islamic Bank Loan)

DIB Personal loan (Dubai Islamic Bank)

If you planning to get a personal loan in UAE for 3000 Salary, DIB personal loan will be the best option if you have minimum 3000 AED Basic Salary.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the global leader of Islamic banking is always developing innovative ideas in Islamic banking.

DIB Personal loan is the best personal loan in Dubai if you have minimum 3000 AED basic salary.

Salary Transfer required for Dubai Islamic bank personal loan in UAE. Also, Even if your Salary is 3000AED, 3500AED,4000AED or 4500AED you can apply for DIB personal loan. Also if you are searching for the personal loan in UAE 4000 salary Personal Loan DIB should be the first option.

Most of the Bank in UAE requires a minimum salary of 5000 AED to get personal Loan. But in Dubai Islamic Bank even if your basic salary less than 5000 AED you are eligible Details to get the personal loan are mentioned below

DIB Salam Finance Specifications (Best Personal loan in Dubai )

Minimum Salary AED 3000
Salary Transfer Yes
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory Offer No
Features:  Islamic Finance Islamic Finance
Flat Rate 3.27%
Reducing Rate 5.89%

DIB personal loan Calculator UAE

Use our Mortgage calculator or DIB Personal Loan calculator to know more about down payment and EMI for your personal loans.


Dubai Islamic bank loan ( Personal loan in UAE 3000 salary) features

  • Upfront cash payment to the customer
  • Low salary requirement
  • Simple documentation
  • Quick processing
  • Up to AED 2,000,000 finance for UAE Nationals
  • Up to AED 1,000,000 finance for Expatriates

ADIB Personal loan (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Loan)

ADIB Personal loan Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

ADIB is the leading bank in the United Arab Emirates and the best banks in Abudhabi. Also, they have branches all over emirates like Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah etc. Abudhabi Islamic bank Headquarters office is in Abudhabi.

If you are looking for personal loan Abu Dhabi ADIB Personal loan will be the best personal loan in Abu Dhabi with a good flat rate.

ADIB provide a Personal loan if you meet their basic Salary requirement. Previously minimum basic salary to get a personal loan from ADIB was 3000 AED and recently they change their policy. The salary transfer also required to get a personal loan from ADIBBank. Details to get the personal loan are mentioned below

Abudhabi Islamic Bank Personal loan Specifications (Best personal loan in Abu Dhabi with Good flat Rate)

Minimum Salary AED 8000
Salary Transfer YES
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory Offer No
Features: Islamic Finance
Flat Rate 3.30%
Reducing Rate 6.25%

ADIB Personal Loan Calculator Abu Dhabi Bank


Personal Loan ADIB Features

  • Freedom of trading with the shares at your will (after purchasing them from ADIB)
  • 1% Processing Fees (Min AED 500 and Max AED 2,500)
  • Very attractive finance amount
  • Highly competitive profit rate
  • Repayment period of up to 48 months
  • No installment for the first three months
  • Free postponement option
  • Free ADIB VISA Cashback Card

ADIB Loan Eligibility

  • Age criteria- 21 Years
  • Minimum Salary – AED 3000
  • Length of Service – Confirmed or 6 months

Age criteria

  • UAE Nationals:  Min. 21 Years; Max. 65 Years (at maturity of Finance)
  • Expatriates:  Min. 21 Years; Max. 60 Years (at maturity of Finance)

Length of Service

  • UAE Nationals: Confirmed or 3 months
  • Expatriates: Confirmed or 6 months

Personal Loan ADIB Required Document

  • Original and copy of valid passport (with valid residence visa for expatriates)
  • Original and copy of valid Emirates ID
  • Bank account statement (last 3 months)

FGB Personal Loan (First Gulf Bank Loan)

FGB Personal Loan (First Gulf Bank)

If you planning to get a personal loan in United Arab Emirates FGB personal loan will be an option if your salary is 5000 AED. FGB loan is best personal loan in UAE without a salary transfer. They also providing Comprehensive Personal Life Insurance coverage with personal loan.

FGB available in all emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Qaiwain. Details to get personal loan are mentioned below.

First Gulf Bank Personal Loan Specifications (Best personal loan in UAE without a salary transfer )

Minimum Salary AED 5000
Salary Transfer No
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory Offer No
Features:  Islamic Finance No
Flat Rate 13.11%
Reducing Rate 23.60%
Features Comprehensive Personal Life Insurance coverage

Features of FGB Personal Loan

  • No salary transfer required
  • Attractive loan amounts up to AED 200,000
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Minimum documentation
  • Fast track approval
  • Comprehensive Life Insurance cover
  • Complimentary involuntary loss of employment coverage*

Fist gulf Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

  • Employed at Government, Semi Government or a reputable private organization
  • Applicant should be 21 years of age or above.
  • The applicant should hold a valid passport copy and UAE residence visa.

FGB Personal Loan Document Required

  • Application form (Completely filled)
  • Passport Copy with UAE residence visa (Both valid)
  • Bank statements (Last three months)
  • Salary certificate (for salaried customers only)
  • Liability letter for buyout cases
  • Trade license for self-employed

Emirates NBD Personal Loan (ENBD Bank Loan)

Emirates NBD Personal Loan

If you planning to get a personal loan in any Emirates of UAE Emirates NBD personal loan will be another best personal loan in UAE if your salary is 5000 AED. It requires salary Transfer to get personal Loan in Emirates NBD (ENBD).

Emirates NBD bank available in all emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Qaiwain. Details to get a personal loan are mentioned below

Emirates NBD Bank Personal Loan Specification (Best personal Loan in All Emirates)

Minimum Salary AED 5000
Salary Transfer Yes
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory Offer No
Features:  Islamic Finance No
Flat Rate 2.55%
Reducing Rate 4.74%
Features Salary transfer

Features Emirates NBD personal Loan for NRI

  • Interest rates starting from 4.74% reducing and 2.55% Flat
  • Maximum loan amount up to 90% of the fixed deposit amount
  • Emirates NBD has over 220 branches and over 927 ATMs across the UAE
  • Increased loan eligibility with co-applicant program
  • Loans for expats who are new in employment or new to UAE
  • Free bank account and debit card
  • Enhanced credit life coverage
  • Exclusive loan return option
  • The processing fee is 1%
  • Unique double insurance is 0.50%

The requirement of Personal Loan Emirates NBD for NRI

  • Applicable to Non-Resident Indians with valid UAE residence visa
  • Salaried or Self Employed Indian National
  • Customer to fund the 20% of the Fixed Deposit amount
  • Fixed Deposit with Indian partner bank will be marked under lien favoring Emirates NBD

Personal Loan Emirates NBD Document Required

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of valid passport with valid UAE residence visa for expatriates (original required for verification)
  • Last three months bank statements
  • Salary transfer letter/salary certificate (for salaried customers only)
  • Account opening forms for shares trading
  • Liability letter (for buyout cases only)
  • Trade license (for self-employed customers

RAK Bank Personal Loan (RAK Loan)

RAK Bank Personal Loan

Are you looking for RAK bank personal loan or any personal loan in Ras al Khaimah or any Emirates in the United Arab Emirates with best interest rates and minimum basic salary?

RAK Loan will be the best personal loan in Ras Al Khaimah and top personal loan in UAE 3000 salary.

Get high Personal Loan amounts at low interest rates, with flexible repayment of up to 48 months for expatriates and UAE nationals. If you have the minimum basic salary of 3000 AED you can apply for the personal loan in RAK Bank.

RAK Bank Personal Loan Specifications (Best Personal Loan in Ras Al Khaimah 3000 salary )

Minimum Salary AED 3000
Salary Transfer Yes
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory Offer No
Features:  Islamic Finance No
Flat Rate 3.3%
Reducing Rate 5.99%

Features of RAK Bank Personal loan ( Personal loan in UAE 3000 salary )

  • Minimum salary requirement to get the personal loan in National bank of Ras al Khaimah is AED 3,000 per month as per new bank policy.
  • Loan repayment period is up to 48 months. Up to AED 1,250,000 based on salary and length of services for Expats.
  • UAE National the loan can go up to 2,500,000.
  • For all customers, the Maximum loan amount is subject to 20 multiples of salary, up to 50% Debt Burden ratio.
  • Salary transfer require to apply for the personal loan in RAK Bank
  • The processing fee is 1% of loan amount [Min AED 500; Max AED 2,500].
  • The early settlement fee is 1% of the outstanding amount
  • You get life insurance free of charge.
  • The rate starts at 5.99% per annum based on reducing balance and may vary depends on customers basic salary.
  • The reducing rate of this finance is 5.99% and the equivalent flat rate is 3.30%. The calculation used is a division of the reducing rate by 1.814 and this is indicative only.
  • This rate is calculated on a reducing balance

Document required for the Personal loan in RAK Bank

  • Proof of identity
  • UAE National’s valid passport copy with the last page
  • Expatriate’s valid passport copy with valid UAE Residence Visa
  • Latest salary certificate stating present salary, length of service and end of service benefits
  • Letter from current employer confirming salary transfer and benefits to Emirates NBD
  • Three most recent months bank statement confirming salary on the certificate

EIB Personal Loan (Emirates Islamic bank Loan)

EIB Personal Loan (Emirates Islamic bank)

Are you planning to get a personal loan in any Emirates of UAE Emirates Islamic Bank personal loan will be an option if your salary is 5000 AED?

No salary Transfer required for personal Loan in Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB).

Emirates Islamic bank branches available in all emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Qaiwain. Details to get the personal loan are mentioned below

EIB vision is clearly focused on taking Emirates Islamic to the next level of success, expanding the reach of the organization on a local and regional level. EIB is driven to building our organization on the two pillars of Personal and Commercial Banking, which will serve as the engine for future growth.

Emirates Islamic Bank Personal Loan Specifications ( Top personal loan in UAE without a salary transfer)

Minimum Salary AED 5000
Salary Transfer No
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory Offer No
Features:  Islamic Finance Islamic Finance
Flat Rate 4.70%
Reducing Rate 8.46%
Features Free Credit card

Features of Emirates Islamic Bank Personal Loan

  • Financing available to salaried and self-employed customers
  • Very competitive profit rates
  • Financing up to 3 million for UAE Nationals and 1 million for Expatriates.
  • Approvals in 24 hours
  • Preapproved credit card and 100% discount on the first year’s annual fees
  • Nominal processing fees
  • Exclusive policy terms on buyout loans/finances
  • Certificate of Takaful / Insurance Cover

Emirates Islamic Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

  • Minimum monthly salary of AED 5,000
  • Length of service – Minimum one month/first salary credit into Emirates Islamic account
  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Maximum age of 65 for UAE Nationals and 60 for Expatriates at the time of maturity

Document Required for EIB Personal Loan

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of valid passport with valid UAE residence visa for expatriates (original required for verification)
  • Last three months bank statements
  • Salary transfer letter/salary certificate (for salaried customers only)
  • Account opening forms for shares trading
  • Liability letter (for buyout cases only)
  • Trade license (for self-employed customers)

UNB Personal Loan (Union National Bank loan)

UNB Personal Loan (Union National Bank)

Union National Bank Personal loan or UNB Personal loan UAE available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Al-ain with best interest rates Islamic finance and Introducer offers.

Also, UNB UAE provide the Personal loan if you have the basic salary of 5000 and more. Most of the bank in UAE required a minimum salary of 5000 AED to get personal Loan. But UNB provides best interest rates and introductory personal loan offers.

The only condition they are requesting is salaried transfer should be done. Details to get the personal loan are mentioned below

Union National Bank personal Loan Specifications ( Popular personal Loan in UAE with for 5000 AED salary)

Minimum Salary AED 5000
Salary Transfer YES
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory offer Yes
Features: Islamic Finance, Introducer offers
Flat Rate 2.77%
Reducing Rate 4.99%

Features of UNB Personal Loan

  • High loan amounts up to 20 times of monthly salary*
  • High repayment period of up to 48 months*
  • Low monthly installment
  • Competitive interest rates*
  • Up to 4 installment postponements per year*
  • Free credit card

Introductory Offer: Monthly lucky draws where 1 customer can win loan amount back (capped at AED 120,000 max) and 10 customers can win their installment amounts back (capped at AED 5,000 max)

  • Starting from 4.99% p.a. reducing
  • Islamic finance option is available by Al Wifaq
  • The maximum tenor is 48 months
  • Maximum loan amount up to 20 times of monthly gross salary
  • Special offer for ADNOC group employees
  • Processing fee 1% (Min. AED 500 and Max. AED 2,500)
  • Insurance for full tenor at 0.8%

UNB Personal Loan Eligibility

  • Minimum Salary required is AED 5000

ADCB Personal Loan (Abudhabi commercial bank Loan)

ADCB Personal Loan (Abudhabi commercial bank)

ADCB loan offering the best interest rates and attractive offers. This Bank Loan also is for all expatriates and nationals in all emirates in UAE like Dubai, Abudhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah if you have a basic salary of AED 8000 and more.

Personal Loans are a great way to support your urgent financial needs. With benefits ranging across a wide spectrum, an ADCB Personal Loan is a perfect partner in times of happiness as well as in need. So ADCB Bank loans can be availed with least amount of hassle and documentation.

There are two types of personal loans offered by ADCB, the first is for nationals of the country while the other is for expatriates residing in UAE. Both types of loans come at attractive interest rates and offer a long repayment tenure.

  • ADCB Personal Loan for UAE Nationals
  • ADCB Personal Loan for Expatriates

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Personal Loan Specifications (Top Personal Loan for AED 8000 Salary)

Minimum Salary AED 8000*
Salary Transfer No
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory Offer No
Features: Free Credit Card,  Internet Banking
Flat Rate 8.89%*
Reducing Rate 16.00%*


*Basic Salary and Interest rates are set by the service provider and may be subject to change.

ADCB Personal Loan Calculator UAE

Use our Mortgage calculator or ADCB Personal Loan calculator to know more about down payment and EMI for your loans.


Personal Loan ADCB Features

  • No salary transfer requirements
  • Loan amount up to AED 200,000
  • Flexible repayment tenures up to 48 months
  • Quick approvals
  • Simple documentation
  • A free ADCB Credit Card
  • TouchPoints rewards which can be redeemed for shopping and airline tickets

Personal Loan ADCB Required Document

  • Proof of salary income- Latest salary certificate or carbonized pay slip
  • A valid passport and visa page
  • Bank Statements (Latest 3 months)
  • One undated security cheque (only for Expatriate customers)
  • UAE DDA (Direct Debit Authority) Form duly signed
  • Emirates ID card copy

Simply Life personal Loan (ADCB Simply Life loan)

Simply Life personal Loan

The simply life personal loan will be the best option if your basic salary more than 5000 AED and if you looking to get a personal loan in Dubai. Simplylife personal Loan also requires salary Transfer.

Don’t let life’s special moments pass you by. After all, some of them are once-in-a-lifetime occasions. Also, Simplylife personal loans cover just about everything that brings you happiness and joy, a family visit back home, building your business, your child’s education or wedding and much more. As well as ADCB Simplylife even has a priority call back service in case of emergencies, just SMS ’emergency’ to 2636 for a priority response.

Simply Life believes in responsible lending and doesn’t charge extra fees for early settlement of your loan. They are also providing in the personal loan in UAE for the non-listed company.

ADCB Simply Life Personal Loan Specifications (Popular personal loan in UAE for expats 5000 Salary)

Minimum Salary AED 5000
Salary Transfer Yes
Maximum Term 4 Year
Introductory Offer No
Flat Rate 4.36%
Reducing Rate 7.99%

Simply Life Personal Loan Calculator

Use our Mortgage calculator or SImply Life Personal Loan calculator to know more about down payment and EMI for your loans.


Features of Simply Life Personal Loan

  • Simple Eligibility
  • Faster processing
  • No extra fees for early settlement of loans from own funds
  • Borrow up to AED 1,500,000
  • Repay in up to 48 months

Simply Life Personal Loan Eligibility

  • Age: Starting 25 years & 6the 5 years at the completion
  • Minimum loan amount is AED 30,000 & it can go up to AED 1,500,000

Document required for Simply Life Personal Loan

  • Simplylife Loan Application Form
  • Copy of Trade license
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • Applicants Passport copy, Visa copy, Emirates ID
  • Last 6 months Corporate & Personal Bank Statement
  • 2 years Audited financial report for loan value exceeding AED 750,000

Personal loan Comparison in UAE

Bank Name Minimum Salary (AED) Interest Rate Salary Transfer
DIB Salam Finance 3000 3.27 No
RAK Bank 3000 4.9  
Emirates NBD Personal Loan (Fixed Deposit) 5000 2.55 No
Al Wifaq Personal Finance 5000 2.7 No
Noor Bank Salary Transfer Personal Finance 5000 2.75  
UNB Personal Loans 5000 2.77  
NBF Personal Finance 5000 3.6  
NBF Personal Loan 5000 3.6  
Emirates Islamic Personal Finance 5000 4.7  
Citibank Personal Installment Loan 5000 9.99 No
Simplylife Loan to Business Owners 5000 10.24 No
FGB Personal Installment Loans 5000 13.11 No
UAB Personal Loans for Expatriates 6000 3.05 No
NBAD Personal Loan 7000 2.92  
Al Hilal Bank Personal Finance for Expats 7000 3 No
Mashreq New to UAE or New to Employer Personal Loan 7000 4.1 No
Doha Bank Salary Transfer Loan 7500 2.45  
HSBC Personal Loan 7500 3.3  
Simplylife Non-Salary Transfer Loans 8000 1.28 No
Emirates NBD Personal Loans for Expatriates 8000 2.63  
ADNIF Personal Finance 8000 2.8  
CBD Personal Loan 8000 3.14  
ADIB Debt Settlement 8000 3.3  
Simplylife Salary Transfer Loans 8000 3.47  
SCB Personal Loan 8000 3.55  
ADCB Smart Loan 8000 8.89 No
Citibank Salary Transfer Loan 8000 –  
UAB Cash Flow Loans 10000 2.18 No
Al Hilal Bank Personal Finance for UAE Nationals 10000 3 No
UNB House Rent Loan 10000 5 No
CBI Personal Loan 10000 5.25  
Emirates NBD Self Employed Personal Loan for Professionals 20000 10.01 No
Emirates NBD Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loan 30000 7.9  

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  24. Waqas


    Due to some delay in EMI, my top-up request has been rejected. Bank Representative said that two buckets are shown in my statements.

    So please help me out, what is the exact procedure & when i can apply for Top-Up again?

  25. raymond

    My monthly is 3000 aed fixed +free housing,foods and transportation allowance can aplly a loan from DIB?

    1. dawn

      Hi, You can apply for a personal loan in Dubai Islamic Bank but your company needs to be listed in the bank as you are having a minimum salary.

  26. raymond

    Hi my Salary is 3000/month + housing,food & transport. can i get loan form DIB?

  27. Mari

    Hi! For 3000 aed salary, I think they required that your company should be listed? Or this policy has been changed?

    Thank you.

  28. Ronnie Lagrisola

    Can i apply for personal loan in dib

  29. Ahmad musa safi

    but i go to last time in Dubai Islamic bank he told me maximum salary 5000AED thousand please salve the issue i have 3000AED salary he cant open for me ,,please do something for that issue. thank you

    1. admin

      Dear Musa safi,

      till yet dib did n’t change personal loan policy. your basic salary should be 3000

  30. Dipanur

    Dear Admin,

    My salary 3000 aed pluse bonus, every 3 months 1500 as a quarter bonus. Can I get personal loan & how long take time to process all requirements??


    1. admin

      Dear dinapur

      You can apply for dib loan

  31. Amir Gohar

    I need personal loan about. 25000/- kindly call me urgently. 0564165888

  32. HAROON

    i need maine salary 3000AED please help and advise

  33. Sanesh kumar

    I need a loan 25000 aed .my salary only 3000 aed .but i got every month good commission. My salary coming al ansari exchange. My mobile number please check if I am eligible pls call me

    1. hayat

      Hey, You are eligible for personal loan in Dubai Islamic Bank. You can get maximum 4 million of loan.

    2. sarah

      Hey for your salary u can get a loan from Dubai Islamic Bank. You would get up to 4000k aed. You contact the bank directly.

  34. Tm harishkumar

    Hello my total salary 3620 I need 25000 loan you give loan

    1. admin

      Dear harishkumar

      We are giving any loan.we are suggesting best loan available in can conyact dib for loan

  35. Shahroz Shahid

    My salary is 3000 Aed can I apply loan from dib I need 40000 Aed is that possible to get it and please tell me about the docum required for it thanks and regards Shahroz shahid

    1. admin

      Dear shahroz

      Required documents for personal loan is mentioned

  36. Ren

    My Salary is 5,000 I want to loan 60,000 for 48 months tenure. It would be approved?

    1. admin

      Dear ren,

      You can apply

  37. Muhammad Arshad Hanif Salary is 3700 total which is deposited in ADCB from more than one year ..i have borrowed 1800 from my company they deduct 600 per month i can give bank statement ..can i apply for bank loan company loan will expire in last in october

    1. admin

      Daer ashraf

      Inorder to get dib loan salary transfer required

      1. Panneer selvam

        Sir my salary 4000 . I contact bank about personal loan. This person reply me now dib policy was changed. Need salary 5000. Please inform which bank give loan for 4000 salary

      2. admin

        Dear Mr. Paneer

        we did n’t get any information regardinag DIB loan policy change and till now as per our knowledge basic salary to get personal loan is 3000 AED for expat and emirates

      3. cherry

        i am interested to apply for a loan in DIB. My salary is 4500 through habib bank and receiving a good commission every month in cash. am i capable to apply for a loan?

      4. hayat

        Hi yes, you can apply for a loan in DIB

  38. Deepan

    My salery 3000 along with ot but everymonth I am getting this salery so you giving loan amount 35000 for three years


      sir my salary 3500 i want loan sir ples contact my mobil my 0528123744

    2. James Lil

      Good Day, My name is James lil i am a citizen of the United States of America (USA) i want to testify of the good Loan

  39. Navdeep singh

    As my salary is 3600 and i want 50000 dhm loan but my company is not registered in your bank so may i apply for loan?

  40. raymond

    Dear admin,

    is it possible to apply for a loan for non listed company

  41. abdul rasheed

    my salary 2400 dirhams currently am NBD bank i need to apply loan around 20,000 AED. is it possible to get reply me as soon as possible

    1. admin

      Dear rasheed,
      please check previous comments

  42. Muhammad

    Dear Admin,

    Appreciate your response so far. I already got loan from dib when I was getting salary of 3300 AED and 1 year completed. Now I want to topup but they refused and said that the policy was changed and now they can only give 10 times of my salary only. Can I apply loan in any other bank> presently I am getting 4000 AED.


    1. admin

      Dear mohammed

      With this salary you can apply only in dib

    2. Panneer selvam

      My salary 4000 I want loan please give me any bank contact number

      1. the Illuminati

        If you have the zeal to join the great Illuminati today and become rich, send a friend request so we can help you,

    3. mahesh

      dear Muhammad,
      wait and see future is bright ,,it can change any time..we all so waiting for that,,,

  43. Hemantha

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to apply for a personal loan in your bank ,the details are i am working last 10 years in reputed company in UAE ,my salary is total 4500 AED ,So i would like to know if there any possibilities for this ,And
    what are the documents required .

    Thanks & Regards,

  44. jean


    I am interested to apply personal loan but my salary is AED 3500.00. Am i available to take loan. I badly needed for emergency payments. Looking forward to receive quick response from your side.


  45. Milan Sharma

    Dear Admin,

    Is there any free for life credit card that I can apply for with my salary 3500 AED/month. If yes please suggest what is the procedure and the requirements.


    Dear Admin

    Am I eligible for personal loan. AED 3000 all included is my salary.

  47. Dipanur

    Dear admin,

    Appreciate for your response. I need personal loan 30000 my salary 3000. My phone number 0566302326. Can you contact with me please…

    1. Christopher Tanguin

      I really need help my salary is 4,000 AED I really need a quick loan for my debts consolidation I how can i avail the loan to start a new life i need help +971554876017 hope to hear from you soon.

  48. Anshad

    Dear sir,
    I am Anshad from Abu dhabi. My salary is 4500+Accomodation. I have ADCB account. Can i get Dubai loan Islamic bank. if anybody help just call or reply 0525141239.

  49. nicko

    good morning admin, my salary is 3777 dhs. i have loan in ADIB, 3yrs completed… 1 more year to be finish.
    if its possible i can make topup? thank u and god bless…

    1. admin

      Dear niko,

      Now adib personal loan policy has been changed.please contact with bank representative

      1. Mahesh

        We contact the bank several times. Some one say have chance to change policy in next few months. Have any chance. Dib bank.

      2. admin

        Dear mahesh,

        We did not get any any about policy change

      3. mahesh

        they didnt say it change , but they say have more chance to change,,,

  50. Jean

    Admin, please I need your HELP, I have an existing loan in ADCB balance to now is AED52,000 @ 1,600 per month, I have a credit card total outstanding is 30,000 which I wanted to clear out by applying a personal. Please help me on how to manage my financial difficulties. My salary is AED 6,000.

    1. admin

      Dear jean,

      Better to renew your personal loan and settle all your credit card pendings

      1. Ann may

        Dear admin,

        Good day!
        Please can u contact to me that no.0527133437. I want to ask some quEstion please.
        Thank you

  51. Hanna rubio

    Hi admin
    can i ask my salary only 1500dhs and im only 2years only in uae it is possible to apply the loan in DIB?pls reply tnx

  52. Hanna rubio

    Dear admin
    Can i ask if its possible apply to loan but may salary only 1500 dhs im 2years here in abu dhabi pls message me this is my no.0566648564 pls txt me thank you

  53. tito

    am DIB customer and i have running account in DIB and i need personal loan can you help me my salary 4200 AED


      Dear tito,

      You can apply for loan

      1. jen

        can we get your number to call you, just would like to apply for loan also.thanks

  54. Deepan

    Dear admin I am deepan my salery 3000 I need loan 3000 salery eligible for Dib please ask me but I have open in emirates islamic bank last five months

  55. vanessa

    Hi I am interested with personal loan , I am receiving a monthly salary of 4400aed.
    my email address is .

    I an expat and have residence visa and work as admin coordinator in jebel ali Dubai.


    Vanessa Pagulayan



      Dear vanessa,

      We did not provide any loan.we are guiding you to chose best genuine loan providers in uae

  56. mark jayson deticio

    dear admin,
    I have a loan already in DIB, I almost pay 2 years, can I avail a top loan? because the customer service said 4000aed salary but in this post it can avail loan if you have 3000aed salary.


      Dear mark,

      We did not recieve any update on loan policy change

      1. Panneer selvam

        Dear admin I Am more time asking dib bank,he told now minimum salary 5000 please confirm and change your post this is my kindly request

      2. GCCGUIDE

        Dear Paneer,

        we did n’t any update regarding policy change

      3. Khan

        Dear Mr. paneer selvam,

        Minimum salary criteria for listed company is 3000/- aed only..please call 0529896678 for more information.

      4. Panneer

        My company Dulsco salary 4000 dhirams only no free accomadation can I get loan sir? If eligible which bank sir?

      5. GCCGUIDE

        Dear paneer,

        If you have required basic salary without including all allowances like home allowance, mobile phone allowances then you can apply

    2. MOHSEEN


    3. Khan

      Yes you can avail top up ..let me check please call 0529896678 or what’s app 0559035785

      1. Haroon UR Raheed

        hi sair this is haroon my salary 3000 +accmodtion+transport can i get the loan

      2. Haroon UR Raheed


  57. jay

    hi admin!
    can i top up my loan? my salary is 3200 aed.I ‘m from ADNOC ..ived heard my company is still on this true?

  58. Asraf

    I am working in a company my salary is Dhs. 3050.00 can I get the personal loan


      Dear Ashraf,

      if your basic salary is more than 3000 AED (without any benefits) then you can apply

      1. Jean cunanan Ermina

        Hi im jean, i am recieving 3500 salary monthly but my company is not listed. Am i eligible to take personal loan?

  59. Pranay Bhujel

    Dear sir,
    I am getting monthly salary 3500 aed,and want to apply for the personal loan like 70000,what are the procedures to apply for the loan and I am ready for the salary transfer also, Please suggest.

    1. khan

      please call 0529896678, you can apply if your company is lised with DIB

  60. devadasu komara

    i need to know how much coming my loan top up 1 year completed before i get 36 thousand in dib please reply me 0543724322


      Dear Devadasu

      When you top-up your loan, banks consider it a brand new loan that you are taking out. This means that you will be required to pay new processing fees on the top-up amount and in some cases new insurance fees as well. It doesn’t end there though. When you take out a top-up loan, you will be considered as having settled your initial loan amount early. The bank will charge you an early settlement fee and this is capped at a maximum of 1% of the loan.




      DEAR RAJ,

      you can apply for Dubai Islamic bank salam finance facility



  63. david

    Hi Sir,

    Myself david, my salary is 2900 and accomodation & transport provided by company.
    am i eligible for loan. please call me on 0501773359



      Dear david,

      You can not apply for loan

  64. Abdul kadhar

    Hai sir I am kadhar

    I have salary 4000

    Possible to get loan

    Mob 056 6863985


      Dear khader,

      You apply for petsonal loan in dubai

  65. sangeetha

    my company is not registered my sal is 3000/- can i still apply or any other option i have an account in different bank since 1year 7months


      Dear sangeeta,

      Your company should be listed in bank to get personal loan in uae

  66. mohammed basith

    i want to know about personal loan from DIB my salary is 3300 aed and my company is listed in your bank i want to know about the flat intrest or reduce rate and how much the processing charges please contact me.0551297989


      Dear basith,

      Personal loan interest rates are listed above


    My name i s ali Rehman i am safety officer in a consrtuction company i want to get personal loan of 25000 and by salary is 3000 AED Plus accomudation and transpotation. kindly give me advise how i can get the personal loan because i dont have bank account and cradit card.

  68. hossam ezz

    My salary 6500 and my salary transfer to DIB i wanna apply for 25000 loan in 12 months what documentation and calculation


      Dear hossam,

      Document required for personal loan is descibe above

  69. aman

    i need personal loan bt my salary is 3750 monthly !!!!!!! is it possible ?


    hai my name vinod kumar np i have to need a loan i geting my month income is 3000 dh i am working in dubai deira gold suoq my company name TIME COMPLICATION WATCH&JEWELLERY MY JOB SALES CUM DRIVER IS^T POSSIBLE GET A LOAN MY AMOUNT IS 25000 DH

  71. MK

    For personal finance call 0529896678

  72. Scott Harrison

    We give out Finance Help to interested individuals who are seeking for finance help,

  73. Mayeth


    Im Mayeth im interested to make a loan from your side my salary is 3200.


      Dear mayet,

      If your basic salry is more than 3000 you can apply for dubai islamic bank loan

  74. khan

    For personal finance call 0529896678

  75. John Roger Bulasa

    hi iwant to apply personal loan my salary is 4000 with accomodation call my number 0529842525


      Dear Johone,

      as mentioned early we are not loan lender or financial company. we guiding you to chose best loan packages available in gulf countries

  76. ummer Aurangzeb

    Hi my salery is 4200 only. Also my account in dib so what will I do. Online. Reply


      Daer ummer contact DIB sales representative or apply through online from bank website

  77. kausar

    hi i am kausar my salary is 4000dhs total,
    basic salary is 2200 can i apply for loan?

  78. Shanu

    its eligible for listed companies or all ?


      Dear Shanu,

      personal loan is eligible for listed company only

  79. Mr Paul Green

    Contact us for an urgent Loans offer Number: (+918904374161)

  80. Ramie

    My salary is 3000 but my basic is 1500 em I eligible to apply for personal loan? I have also account from DIB


      Dear ramie,
      Not elgible

  81. Haider ali

    Dear sir
    My salery is 3400 and also i hv DIB account how i can apply for loan


      Dear haider ali

      Pls check previous comments

      1. Haider ali

        Where hv my previous commnts

    2. MK

      For Islamic personal loan call 0529896678

  82. cecilia t tumbaga

    i jus wanna ask if possible that i can apply for personal loan and my salary is 3000 AED and i receive my salary in exchange and i almost 3 years in my company as ticketing consultant , please kindly let me know if possible to apply for personal loan… Thanks


      Dear cecilia,
      Please vheck previous comments

    2. Taj moin Bangash

      Dear sir, my salary is 4000 .I m take salary from exchange. Can I apply for the personal loans

  83. M Ali Shah

    sir, my basic salery is 1800 can i apply for the loan please contect me 0528615224

  84. George Esteban

    Hi wat are the requirements? My total salary is aed 4700 and my bank is dib, how much multiples if i can hav loan?

  85. Shahjahanuddin0

    Hi sir . Ma’am my salary is 3100 can i get loan? i need emergency . Please help me.

  86. Vinod kumar np

    Hai iam vinod i get my salary in em 3800dh is it possiable to get a loan but my company is not listed

  87. Jomon

    My salary is 4500 and working in a listed company

  88. Martin musoke

    Hey sir i need a loan of 70000 AED and my salary is 3500, how much will be deducted from me every month, thank u

  89. Abdul Aziz

    My salary is 3400 i want a loan you have a loan for me

  90. Elsa morado

    Hello madam/sir. I have my salary 4500ead. So can I get loans.

  91. Jaifer mammu

    Hi my Salary 3000 AED + Acomedation and food I can get same Loan

  92. Sumit

    Good afternoon sir ,

    My basic salary is 2800 but with commission I am getting 4100. Is it possible for me to get a personal loan?

  93. Mariafe bacsin

    My.sallary is house ang evrything i can apply loan

    1. admin

      Dear mariafe,

      You can apply

  94. Deni Samara

    Dear admin,

    I need loan amount AED 30.000 and my salary 7340, tenor loan only 1 years, I have docs copy passport & visa, payroll 3 month, 3 month bank statements from NBAD, account of NBAD-LULU international exchange, thanks

  95. Mohamed Asif

    Asif Here, My Salary is 3000 AED Me looking for personal loan. Contact me on 0564019219


    Please contact with me on mention cell no. I want to get more details in your sale agent face to face.

  97. Zaffrey

    Hi ! Need a loan and my contact number ( 055 6085411 ) thx’s Reg Zaffrey…

  98. amjad

    hi my name is amjad and my salary is 3500+ and i want to take AED 30000/- personal loan, i am doing a work in uae since 2005 in oil and gas company.
    please tell me i am eligible or not.

  99. Mohamed kasim

    i have a account in dubai islamic bank my salary is 3000dhs i need 10000 dhs
    But My company is not listed .plz I need a support from DIB

    1. wina

      Hi Dubai islamic bank provides loan for your salary but your company needs to be listed with the bank as a security purpose and it is can check with other banks but most of the banks in UAE doesn’t provide loan without company not being listed.

  100. Ramachandra Jena

    I need a personal loan urgent for house building purchase only, I am working in Pioneer Precast Concrete LLC, Abu Dhabi, my present salary is 3850 AED, apart from the above salary company provided free accommodation, transportation, medical insurance, uniform and yearly air ticket to native and return, so can I eligible for a personal loan, plz revert as soon as possible

  101. Rahul

    Hi I need loan 60″000 can u tell me how much I need to pay interest in dib bank ..and how much I have to pay every month including interest…and what is the interest rate percentage .

  102. jothidoss

    Am I eligible for personal loan. AED 3000 is my salary accommodation and transport in Company

    1. Talib hussain karam dad khan

      I want apply for my salery 4200 with accomodation and contect number 0555250679

  103. Rosalie

    I get personal lian last year august 2016.and my salary still 3470 now.can i topup now this august payment..its my 12th month.iam i still eligible to take loan in my salary 3470aed thankx

  104. MD mukbul hossan

    Dar sir I need loan

  105. taohid

    I have 3500 salary it is possible for loan

    1. wina

      Hi, Yes you can get a loan from Dubai Islamic Bank. But your company needs to be listed with the company and it is mandatory so check with that.

  106. Muhammad kamal

    Hi i need loan my salry is 3200 aed transfer in dubai islamic bank my company is transguard group can i get loan or not

  107. Will

    Hi Admin, I am planning to apply a personal loan to this mentioned bank. My current total salary package is 4000 only. Do you have any idea how much will be my monthly payment for 4 years if incase I take the maximum loan amount for expat (20,000 AED). Thanks

  108. Raffy

    Hello. My salary is 5000 but past 3 months statement is coming more than 4000 due to unpaid leave. is there chance to apply for loan and also, should i be eligible even my company is not listed to your bank.Thank you

    1. wina

      Hi, banks provide you the loan only with salary certificate as a mandatory document so your salary certificate should have the correct information. Else you can try in banks which provide loans for salary AED 4000. You can try Dubai islamic bank, rak bank which provides loans for your salary then there won’t be a problem with your salary certificate.

  109. Mirza

    Dear admin

    I need loan upto 100000 for 4 year how interested charge and if i am going for early settlement than how much interest charge.

  110. Anisha

    I have personal loan in dib 10 month completed any holiday break is there in dib bank

  111. Rana sohail

    I need loan my salri 3500 0547484939 plz cal me

  112. satham hussain

    Dear Admin,

    my salary is 4250AED i need a personal loan for without salary transfer. do you have any idea about that

  113. Aneesh P


    My salary is 8500. I have a loan in DIB. remaining tenure is 22 months and around 20000 AED. Can i apply for a Top Up. Becuase i have changed my company 06 months before. And my present company is not listed.

  114. Muhammad Khalil

    Hi my salary is totally 3000 can I get personal loan and what documents I required

    1. satham hussain

      you can get a personal loan but your salary should be transfer to DIB.

      You need salary Certificate , and your passport and emirates ID .

      if you have a account with DIB this is fine.

      1. Shabeer basha

        How many months salary should be credited in dib? This is my first month

  115. satham hussain

    no, I already check with DIB customer care. If you have salary in between 3k to 5 k.

    you should transfer the salary to DIB otherwise you will not get a personal loan

    1. Jackie

      Dib change their policy now.i tried to top up my loan last july,2017 but its rejected,they are telling that 5k is required for you able to take loan or to top up…

    2. Jackie

      I am kindly requested the admin of this site to post the current policy of dib for getting personal loan or top up,so that there will be no confusion for those who wants to take loan in dib. They expected that they are eligible to get the loan even their salary is 3000 minimum,but when they applying,dib rejected even your company is listed.thank u

    3. Jackie

      Is this latest one if u want to avail loan in dib?

    4. Jess

      I want to have personal loan my salary is 3500 and my company is listed,but the customer care told me I need a minimum salary of 6000

  116. Santhosh Kumar

    I have 3500 salary .free accommodation . I need loan. Plz give ur contact

  117. satham

    DIB they need salary transfer or what ? for personal loan my salary is 4250

  118. shibina shajahan


    I am already customer of DIB and took personal finance with my salary as 3000 (12 multiples i got) for tenure of 36 months out of which 9 istallments was over.I need to up top my loan and my current salary was 4000.Is there any chance to get top up?

    1. Fred

      hello we have same concern with dib..i am also looking how to topup my loan from dib..let me know if u have done it.please

  119. Rashid

    Hello I need a loan but I don know if my company is listed or no the name of company is Armed forces officers club

  120. munna kushwaha

    i have 3200/month salary maximum how much loan give me my company is listed with you

  121. Myrla

    My sakary is 3650aed and i was workung in etihad airport services snd catering is it possible to makee a personal loan


    i have a personal finance with DIB and i have change my job and as i was not aware to informing system of Job change to the bank and my previous company end of Service cheque has been deposit to the bank. After a week i have directly went to the bank and check with the person they told me your account has blocked. As their instruction i have submit my new company salary certificate and Salary Transfer Letter to the bank at next working day . But still the account is blocked and i have checked with Customer Care Center person and they told me you cannot withdraw your account balance and they will deduct my end of Service amount from the total liability. and they are saying this is the new rule of Dubai Islamic Bank .. I have checked the Central bank rules in UAE and other banks of my college there is no rules at the moment in UAE . So Kindly Advice how can i get the solution for it.

  123. nono

    Hello sir / madam,

    I get my salary through RAKBANK, and I want to transfer to DIB, because my friend told me I can get loans even though my salary is at below 5000aed… Can I get may personal loan immediately after registration of account?
    I am already working 2 years here in abu dhabi.


  124. Shafiulla

    I need loan. I have salary above 4,000.please contact me

  125. Alvin Ortiz

    Hi how can i get peraonal loan my salary is 4,910.

  126. hafeez

    hi,my salary is aed 3450, i would like to know what is the maximum amount that i can get from DIB,since my first lone that i took will be over in another 5 months . so pls let me know wether im eligible for a second loan.and how much can i get and what is the interest rate and how much will i have to pay per month and for maximum how long ? thank you

  127. Sijo george

    HI SIR Iget the AD 3500 salary my salary is transfer DIB Can i get the personal loan my company is AL Mazroui ICAS

  128. Sijo george

    HI Sir I get the AD3500 salary my salary account is DIB can i get the personal loan

  129. Jess

    Why until now the minimum salary required should be 5k,I thought the policy will JASHANMAL company.

    1. Jess

      Hi again wina,I try already my company is listed but I need to have 5000 salary to avail the personal loan

  130. Mary joy sinco

    Hello mam/sir,can I get personal loan my salary is 3500 aed?

  131. Leshya

    HI, I have been enquiring with DIB for a personal loan and received a response saying my salary hasn’t met the requirement.

    Please help me to solve this situation.

  132. abbas

    hi my salary is 4000 and my account is in emirates islamic bank current account can i get personal loan,if possible give a call

  133. muhammad ijaz rafique

    hello sir my gross salary is 2050aed and i need 3000aed loan where i can apply


    dear admin, adnoc drilling employees can apply for personal loan?



  136. Neeraj kumar

    Hello .my name is NEERAJ selory is maximum is 2400 aed.and minimum 1900. how can I apply for loan.jzt 11000 aed only.

  137. Abdulsamad

    Hi sir my salary is 2500 +accommodation I need loan help me please only 10000

  138. Abdulsamad

    Hi sir my salary is 2500+accommodation I need loan help me please only 10000

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