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Top and Best Selling Books in India All time

You may like to concur with me to the point that books tend to be the best friend, philosopher, and confident in your journey, called life. No matter what is the situation you are in, nothing can be more loyal a companion than a book. Keeping the thought in mind, here I have come with a list of must-read books that each of you should read once in your lifetime.

The Top and Best Selling Books in India you cannot afford to miss 

So here you go with the timeless creations that the Indian English literature has ever witnessed.

The Guide by R. K. Narayan

K. Narayan one of the most distinguished and famous Indian writers of all times have been that one person who would live in the hearts of the readers eternally and with good reasons. His immortal creation of the hypothetical town of ‘Malgudi’ has been the fantasy of many in their childhood. This book of his is also a reflection of the same. What is particularly enjoyable in the novel is the comedy that stretches down throughout the narration of the story. However, delving into the deeper layers, what would really fascinate you is the theme of conflict between tradition and modernity. You would be surprised to witness the protagonist fighting his futile attempt to find out his individual identity in a society where his personality is decided by others every time. With this book, one can get a clear reflection of Indian society back in the year of 1960s.

What has made this one of the best books of all time?

With a detailed reverberation of the status of women, generation gap and tourist psychology, The Guide is a book of subtle irony. Intended to expose the follies of the society it is certainly one of the best books, worth your time.

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Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

With the prestigious award of the “Booker of Bookers” prize for two years; 1993 and 2008; this novel is perhaps Rushdie’s one of the best novels to read till date. Setup in the backdrop of the transcending Indian society from the British colonialism to independence, it is one of the best examples of post-modern and magical realist literature. Rushdie has used a beautiful narrative technique where you get to see the Indian society through the eyes of Saleem Sinai, the narrator, and protagonist of the novel. In a continuous flashback sequence, the allegory continues to give you glimpses of the pre-independent India and the condition of the country, just after the birth of independence. What you may really enjoy in the novel is the well-knit and surreal themes that are exclusively credited to Rushdie; he time and again reverberates in the whole story on the themes of tension between the single and many, the unreliability factor of memory and narrative and destruction versus creation.

Why to read the book?

Hinting upon the excruciating past and strident endeavors with which modern India acquired its glories and impossibles, the book surely goes into the list of must novels to read.

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The Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri

Published in the year of 1999, The Interpreter of Maladies won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and the Hemingway Foundation Award in the successive year. The very first element that you may notice in the novel is that Lahiri has adapted a very tightly controlled third person narrative style for almost all the stories consisting of the book. A collection of nine short stories, this book apropos the lives of Indian and Indian Americans reflecting upon the trauma caused due to self-transformation through immigration that encapsulates numerous breaking of identities forming ‘multiple anchorages’. The book has been further remarked as not just a mere collection of short stories with common elements but as a ‘short story cycle’ with recurring motifs and themes that create a deeper effect on the readers.

Why should you consider it as one of the good books to read?

Built upon a series of themes, like the perils associated with romanticism, and troubles of communication, the anecdotes have their character’s intrinsic psychological curvatures that make the whole story a must-read book from all we have got from this talented Indian-American writer till date.

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A suitable boy by Vikram Seth

A suitable boy can be regarded as one of the best creations of Seth ever. Consisting of near around 1349 pages, it is one of the longest novels published in a single volume in English literature ever. The book revolves round a family trying to find a suitable boy for their daughter’s marriage in the backdrop of post-independent India. However, taking a closer look into the book you would find the kaleidoscopic blend of different themes which makes the whole novel an exemplary literary piece. Reverberating on personal relations to social, political, economic and religious issues, the book is certainly a complex tale whose cadence can only be realized with the revealing of each chapter. Putting a cherry on the top, is the subtle taste of burlesque that you would find in the story, a manifestation of lively and idiosyncratic characters that takes the novel to newer heights.

Why you can consider it as one of the best novels by Indian authors?

Seth’s exemplary manifestation of the exotic diversified culture of India and its society is undoubtedly some rich fodder to our intellects.  Leave alone the style; it is also a very interesting piece of literature that beholds a very important era in the history of the ever-fascinating country.

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The God Of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

The Booker prize award-winning novel of Roy is a complete piece of literary excellence ever seen in the history of Indian literature. Applauded for the remarkable stylistic innovation, Roy’s debut book is also enriched with literary devices like that of imagery, allegory, etc.

Setup in the backdrop of a town in Kerala, the story unfolds the lives of Estha and Rahel’s family. Slow yet steadily get to know their roots in a flashback sequence. However, what really fetches the great conflict, a family drama is the death of their cousin, Sophie Mol. While reading the book another feature that may really impress you is the heavy concoction of the different basic elements of writing that has spiced up the whole story and keep you stick till the last.

Why to go by this book?

An ideal literary fiction intends to stress on style and characterization and it is regardless to mention that it is a rare sight to witness a flawlessness that Roy has achieved in the novel.

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The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh

Setup in the post-colonial backdrop, the novel of Ghosh is a historical art piece that will hard-hit you with the impression of the socio-political milieu of the transcending India. An account capturing the lives of three generations of two closely associated families residing in Burma, India and Malaya, the story kick starts itself with the description of the fatal Burmese war of 1856. The opening scene itself captures the idea how vindictive the greed of the colonizers was whose reflections we get at various levels later. To speak more, what will exactly draw your interest is the complexity associated with the crisis of nationality, culture, and more importantly, the refuge caused due to the separations. The glass palace has time and again proved itself to be an indictment of imperialism at various levels. The hapless rootlessness, the fragility of the situation and the vulnerability of the human is something you would definitely look forward to.

What makes the novel one of the best books of all time?

Ghosh’s novel does not only reflect upon the fatality of an imperial society but is a plea intended towards internationalism. He hints on his belief that empires confine rulers and their subjects both equally. The novel is not only of literary importance but a cultural instrument of drawing hopes of better society.

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The Inheritance Of Loss by Kiran Desai

Published in the year of 2006, the book reverberates on the conflict between the religious groups of Muslims and Buddhists. It is an account that deals with the dissension of the past and the modern worlds. Foregrounding on the theme of identity crisis and the hatred of anglophile Indians towards their own culture, the novel truly captures how the so-called modernization or the westernization has hard hit the lifestyle of the Indians almost making them forget their own prestigious culture and roots. Weaved in a traditional plot structure, Desai has created the novel on the basis of primarily two central characters, Biju and Sai. What follows is a series of paradoxes between first and third worlds, the tremendous differences that lie in between the culture, society, economy and emotional values of the two different countries. The themes of the tremendous agony of exile, inhibitions of post-colonialism and the blinding desire of a stable life have been recurrent in the whole novel.

Why to read this book?

Apart from being a book that depicts India’s uncanny obsession with the western world, the book is certainly an insight into graver concerns like that of globalization, multiculturalism, economic inequality, terrorism and fundamentalism. It is a must-read for all political enthusiasts.

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The Private Life Of An Indian Prince by Mulk Raj Anand

Anand, ever since the inception of his writing career has been credited for his timeless contribution to the modern Indian English literature. One can feel that the very essence of his writing lives in the humanistic values that he imbibes in almost all of his stories. The Private Life Of An Indian Prince too is not deficient of this. The story depicts a glimpse of an amorous life of a hypothetical prince who abjects his dignity and kingdom for the love of a nymphomaniac. The story starts off with the chaotic scenario where the protagonist, Prince Victor elopes with an English girl, exposing the hypocrisy associated in the synthetic royal arrogance and pride. It manifests how irresolute and faltering a so-called king can be.

What to expect from this book?

While reading Anand, expect an essence of humanistic values and socio-political scenario at all points if time. This book will undoubtedly give you another reason to read the author from the next time you find a book of his in a bookstall.

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Train To Pakistan by Khushwant Singh

Stressing on the holocaust that took place in the year of 1947, this novel revolves around a small village of Mano Majra and the societal living conditions of the place. Through the anecdote of the village, however, the author sharply innuendos on the unhygienic living conditions of the Indians in every dynamics of society. In fine, Singh establishes a strong criticism on the Indian culture and the attitudes, customs and philosophy associated with it.

Why should you include this in your must-read list?

The book is a beautiful satire on the Indian society and norms exposing the extended hypocrisy of the country and the people I every walks of life.

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In Custody by Anita Desai

Desai’s novel In Custody has taken much of a different angle when it comes to its central themes. It deals with grave issues like social and cultural ramifications of independent India. However, this is not all, one of the most exotic themes exclusive to this novel is the hegemony practiced by languages. The novel narrates the story of the protagonist, Deven and his affection towards the poetic language of Urdu that finally reaches zenith when he gets a chance to meet the once legendary Urdu poet Nur. What will drive you to the end of the story is the common string of poverty and helplessness that these two major characters share with each other.

Why to read this novel?

Draped in a series of climactic and anti-climactic moments, epiphanies moments, the novel should give you some amazing moments for your intellect to feed on.

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Although I know that it is an impossible task to choose a handful amongst the many priceless creations, I have carried a humble attempt to create these 10 ever loved best-selling books nationally. Hope you enjoy reading them.

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