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In this busy and automated world, people don’t have any space to go to the gym. Even though many people enroll themselves in the gym most of them skip due to their professional schedules. Home work out will be an advantage to the people who are tired of taking their cars in the morning into the gym. People who want their work out to be performed at home will need to go for best home gym equipment. So, make your life more easy with this best overall exercise equipment for a home that was mentioned in the article. Read the article completely to know more about Best home workout equipment to buy in India 2019 -2020. The main benefits of best home workout equipment are:

  • Saves a lot of time.
  • The home workout will be cheaper compared to gym centers.
  • The home workout will definitely give some private space.

How to choose Best home workout equipment to buy in 2019 -2020

Once you have arrived at the decision of having your own personalized gym at your home you should really need to have some best home gym equipment at affordable prices. While selecting your equipment you should need to have a checklist that had to look on. Here are the parameters that will help you to choose the Best home exercise for equipment. Just have a look at the list and make the right decision to build an ideal gym at your home at very low prices considering all the parameters that fit you the best.

  •  Price- Setting up a gym is not an easy task. One has to make the decision depending on the value that they are getting out of a product. always try to choose Best cheap exercise equipment.
  • Beginner/expert- People who are starting to get ready to make their body fit will have selected the basic gym equipment that will be available especially for beginners. Experts usually happen to know more about gym equipment than a beginner. So the choice might differ for beginner and expert.
  • Ergonomically designed- The more the equipment eases the more comfortable we feel while doing the workout. Choosing ergonomically designed equipment will definitely avoid the injuries that might happen during the workout.

List of Best Home workout equipment to buy in india 2020

Here is the list of overall equipment for home. You can always set up the standard for what you aim for and get to know about the equipment that fits for you.


Usually, dumbbells are the best choice to work out at home.  With dumbbells, we can do endless exercises. They can be handled easily at the same can be suitable for any type of house. But the thing is one can’t afford all the different weights available. It may cost time as well as space.


  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Available for a Low price.
  • Easy to clean the equipment.
  • Lose weight


  • Different pairs had to be purchased.
  • Improper handling may lead to injury.

Resistance band – Fitster5 Premium Exercise Resistance Band

The resistance band is one of the best home workout equipment which will surely help for increasing muscle tension. It mainly concentrates to build muscle. Enhancing flexibility is the specialty of these bands. Strengthening the core is what everyone strives for and resistance bands will do that.


  • Increase cardio.
  • Tighten and tone the skin.
  • Lose of weight.


  • Low versatility
  • Only sustainable in short run

Fitness ball or exercise ball – Petrice Multi Function 75cm Gym Fitness Aerobics Yoga Ball/Swiss Ball/ Slimming Exercise Ball

Exercising with this ball is the best thing one can do to lose weight. Total muscles in the body get will be strengthened. It can be used in home, office, gym and many more places you often stay. Very easy to carry and versatile in nature.


  • Flexibility is more
  • Multi functional like yoga, Swiss, slimming, aerobics.
  • Easy to store


  • Not ergonomically designed
  • Should be need of a trainer

Push up bar – Strauss Moto Push up Bar

Push up bars will help in building up the upper part of the body. The abdomen, chest, and hips will strengthen. This will help to maintain the body in perfect shape. Make the weight in the body distribute evenly. Occupies very less space and comes at a cheaper price.


  • Durability is more
  • No training needed
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Cons
  • Only upper part of the body is taken care.
  • Other equipment has to be purchased to pace the muscles of the lower body.

Chest expander – Strauss Yoga Soft Chest Expander

Chest expander incredibly increases the resistance of the upper body. Very simple to perform and ideal for beginners. Usually, chest expander will be designed for both men and women. It will be available at very low price than any other equipment. No training will be needed. Along with increasing the resistance, it can build the perfect shape.


  • Very Low price.
  • Very easy to store and flexible for handling.
  • Increase resistance and build the core.


  • Only for beginners
  • Cannot be used in long-term.

Tummy trimmer – Strauss Tummy Trimmer

Will be the perfect choice for those who awe for the fit body. People who usually wanted to have their whole body to be active and try for regular work out tummy trimmer will be the ideal one. Maybe this will help to build the muscles and tighten the skin. The main benefit is to lose weight and lessen the abdomen weight.


  • Strengthen arms, chest, hips, and thighs.
  • Build up the core.


  • Only for the beginner.
  • Very Few calories will be burnt.

Hoping that this article is informative and useful for you to know about Best home workout equipment that will really make your body fit and healthy. The more you care about your fitness the lesser health problems you will face. The regular workout will help you in uninterrupted and happy life. Never hesitate to keep your physical and mental health in the right condition. Find the interesting articles like this in this page.

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