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Best Digital Marketing Automation Tools

Digital marketing automation is future of marketing strategy and New Digital Marketing Automation Tools for small business are developing day by day. Today, digital marketing needs no further introduction to acknowledge its contributions to the world of marketing. We are all filled with it. Content, blogs, videos, surveys etc. whatever is the form; the end game is always the same. It’s all part of some digital marketing campaign.

However, amidst all this, what we may have forgotten to acknowledge is the automation system that the realms of digital marketing are accepting with open arms.  And of course, you would be pleased to know that the reasons are pretty big.

Let’s take a look!

  • Customer journey analytics
  • Transforming incognito into revenue
  • Knocking sense with social media
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Marketing ROI measurement

What is digital marketing automation?

Digital marketing automation Services include varieties of software that leads to the central goal of automating marketing actions that are repetitive and pattern oriented in form. Email automation, social media automation, Competitor Analytic Automation, and other website actions are some of the biggest examples where digital automation profits from heavily. Also, digital marketing automation software is primarily designed to streamline the efficiency of digital marketing processes by prioritizing and executing marketing tasks.

How does Marketing Automation Services work in 2019-2020?

The whole process of marketing automation Services works on the basis of usage of cookies installed on the website that you as a visitor browse the internet. Because these cookies will enable the software to track down action behavior of the visitor throughout the journey of web pages.

Using this automation technology a business organization can prepare a score for the prospect and initiate suggestive and further information that is related to their previous search. Thus, “Customer journey analytics” is one of the direct ways where automation comes handy to digital marketers.

DM automation tools and software domain are growing very fast. Also, the number of DM software are available to automize the whole process of digital market is more than thousand. Hence 2019 -2020 and upcoming decades also one of the best period for the growth of DM automation.

Now, when you know how digital marketing and automation of the process can benefit you, let’s take you to some of the top digital marketing automation tools list that can help you on this journey.

Best Digital marketing automation tools list Free and Paid 2019-2020

Perhaps the most important decision while you set-up your digital marketing wing for your company is choosing the tools and apps that you would use for your platform. Here is a list of the top 10 digital marketing automation tools list that are reigning the market.


marketing automation tools Hubspot

Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology in the year of 2006, Hubspot was launched in the successive year. Also, Hubspot is best digital marketing automation tools and well known in this field.

It is a trailblazing inbound marketing software company that assists businesses to transform their marketing from outbound lead generation to inbound lead generation.

Using this absolutely amazing tool has some of the following pros and cons.


  1. Flexibility: No matter what is your company size, it will cater to all your digital marketing needs.
  2. Better synchronization: To get the most of digital marketing, it is mandatory for your company’s sales and marketing teams to be on the same chapter. Hubspot makes it super smooth for you to achieve this goal.
  3. Useful for every kind of companies across all domains: Whether you offer a service or a tangible product, Hubspot does a pretty good job for all of you.


  1. May not be just the best option for larger corporations
  2. Although Hubspot pricing is pretty flexible it can remarkably go up the ladder with time. However, only when you start to notice results.

Google Analytics

Free Digital Marketing Automation Softwares

While talking about tools, the Google Analytics is undoubtedly a tool that cannot miss the list. There is no doubt that it can up your game by exponents. However, the biggest catch of the app is that it is one of the top free marketing automation tools. Also, by google analytics to can analyze the complete performance of the website and will help to assign goal and necessary actions to take business to next level.


  1. Cost-free
  2. Flexible of the environment
  3. Customize goals and track your platform.


  1. Confusing and intricate without complete knowledge.
  2. The overall feel of the platform is s bit overwhelming.
  3. Although the free version is for everyone, if your traffic is high and you want to upgrade, the costing is as high as $150,000.


marketing automation tools pardot

It’s a salesforce.com company that is primarily made to simplify B2B marketing with automation, in turn streamlining the efficiency of the sales and marketing teams and revenue of your company in the long run.


  1. Real-time updates and tracking: Probably the best plus of using Pardot is its lead deck that enables you with real-time updates and actions by just one-click.
  2. Easy customization: It’s one of those few tools that leverage your hand for customization.
  3. Customer support: Pardot has long been appreciated for its customer support and training.


  1. Restricted API access: The access to API from Pardot is only available to customers paying $2000/month package.
  2. Unsatisfactory integrations: Although Pardot has native integration with most popular CRM, they just have 32 third0-party apps.
  3. A/B testing only available for PRO users: Like the API service, this is permitted only from customers spending from $2000/month.


Powerful and user-friendly, Marketing automation Marketo is surely one software that digital marketers look up to streamline efficiency in marketing and sales to improve their revenue in long run.


  1. Commendable email marketing
  2. Flexible for the software landscape


  1. No access to the blogging tool
  2. Poor customer service
  3. Training

Oracle Eloqua

The best thing about Eloqua is that it enables B2B cross-channel marketing solutions to companies to strategize and deploy automated marketing campaigns. But that is not all. It also delivers a personalized customer experience for their prospects.


  1. User-friendly
  2. Flexible enough for the software landscape
  3. Best email deliverability


  1. Expensive Saas subscriptions
  2. No functions to curb data redundancy
  3. No trial program


This software’s integrated cloud-based marketing automation Services enables marketers to tie inbound, outbound and lead nurturing programs altogether to maximize their return on marketing investments.


  1. Great customer service
  2. Mail programs
  3. Reporting
  4. Real-time updates


  1. Translations
  2. CRM integration
  3. To optimize you need to know the full software in-depth


Market Automation Software Leadsquared

Best known for its services, aiming to simplify the digital marketing needs of small and medium scale companies, LeadSquared thrive in revenue by the method of alignment of their marketing and sales activities.


  1. Lead capture automation
  2. Marketing action automation
  3. Leverage sales speed


  1. Dissatisfactory email editor.
  2. The background color hurts eyes in longer working.


Sales and Marketing Automation Softwares infusionsoft

When it comes to marketing automation software for small business, Infusionsoft is one of the brightest stars. Catering to a number of domains its services ranges from company to organization, to sales growth and finally time-saving.


  1. Universal tracking
  2. Smart email marketing
  3. Sales cycle management
  4. Simple WordPress integration


  1. Null native integration
  2. Deliverability rate
  3. Start-up fee

Sales Fusion

Digital Sales and Marketing Automation Platform

Sales Fusion is another prominent star in the world of digital marketing automation software, especially engineered to provide services for B2B companies.


  1. Powerful analytics
  2. Real-time tracker and updates
  3. Chatbots


  1. Awkward design template.
  2. Long customer support waitings.
  3. Difficult user-interface.


Digital Marketing Automation tool BuzzSumo

It is another interesting free tool for digital marketing, allowing its users to access the most useful and relevant content with just the input of keywords.


  1. Optimize content
  2. Content insights


  1. Unsatisfactory CMS system

Suggest Me Best Digital marketing automation Software 2020

Today, digital marketing stands as that entity that is totally indispensable for fuelling your company, irrespective of its size. Be it a start-up, a mid-size company or an established one, digital marketing looks over each one equally. And with the right automation tools, you can always gear up your digital marketing strategies the best!

A number of other best Digital Marketing Automation tools are available for small business, Digitel Marketers and digital agencies always love automation because it will reduce manual efforts. Here we suggested selected some most popular Sales and Marketing automation software. I hope my list of top digital marketing automation tools will help to develop your blog and business to next level. Also, suggest me other most popular market automation software if I missed in the listing. You can also vote for 5 top automation market tools so that your friends can use and apply to make the most successful blog and next blogger.

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Please suggest to your friends and Vote and share the article. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Also If I miss listing something best or have any suggestion kindly suggest.

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  1. Great article! Digital marketing automation has its roots in email marketing. It is software that allows automating repetitive tasks, manage complexity, and optimize efforts. Looking forward to your more blogs.



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