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Here I present with some idea to choose the best camera for beginners. As a beginner, you must focus what is a camera, what are the types of camera and what parameters to notice before buying the best camera. Must follow the parameters because this will assist you to buy the best camera moving in the market.

What is Camera?

A Camera is an optical instrument for capturing images as well as recording videos. Captured images and recorded moving images are stored in a physical medium such as in a digital system or on photographic film. The most important part is the lens, which focuses light from the scene and it resides inside the camera.

Figure of camera


There are three different types of camera, which are as follows:

Compact Camera:

Compact camera is also called as point and shoot camera. Because it points the object and captures. A compact camera designed for simple operation. Hence it also does automatic focusing. There is no protection from interrupt but it is portable camera. It all so has super-zoom 30x-60x Optical Zoom. Examples for a compact camera are Nikon Coolpix L28, Panasonic DMC-ZS25.

Figure of compact camera

Digital single-lens reflex cameras(DSLR):

It has interchangeable lens. DSLR camera uses the mirror to reflect the light into the viewfinder and pass directly to the camera sensor. Digital single-lens reflex camera best suitable for professionals. It offers outstanding images and also long life battery. It is used in widest selection of the camera.  Example for DSLR is Nikon D7500, Canon EOS 200D, Panasonic Lumix GHS.

Figure of digital single-lens 

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Mirrorless camera:

Mirrorless is the latest camera in the market. It requires mirror mechanism because light which passes through lens ends with images. Mirrorless camera depends on electronic viewfinder and LCDs. It captures the image that the sensor sees. Compared DSLR this types of camera simple. It is light and also less bulk. Example for Mirrorless camera is Sony a7111, Sony a6000.

Figure of Mirrorless camera

Guide to choose best camera for beginners by noticing some important parameters


A lens is delineating by its focal length. The distance between camera lens and object is the called as focal length. Focal length represented by mm. A higher number of focal length means bigger zoom and also lower number of focal length means less zoom. Therefore lower zoom used for the wider shot. There are four different type of lenses: short telephoto, standard, wide angle, ultra wide angle. The focal length of ultra wide angle is 8mm-24mm and  it is used in skyscapes and artistic. Wide angle ranges from 24mm-35mm therefore it is used in interiors and architectures. Standard lenses used in general purpose camera and range is between 35mm-85mm. Short telephoto focal length is 85mm-135mm and uses in portraits and candid. The lens is important to choose the best camera.

My suggestion to the beginners to choose the best camera, you focus on the focal length of the lens. For the generalpurpose you choose standard lens because it contains 35mm to 85mm focal length.

Sensors size:

Camera’s sensors are photosensitive. Based on the size of the sensor, a photosite collects the light photons and produce the electrical charge. Each pixel photosites have a different electrical charge. Electrical charges measured and it converted in to digital.

The sensor is a heart of the digital camera. Size of the sensor is most important. Smaller size sensor is portable but less image quality and also less clarity. Larger sensor adds bulk but it also provides high-quality images and lowers light shooting. The larger size of the sensor gives clear images, no interrupt, and no blur image.

I suggest beginners while choosing the best camera in the market. Beginners must know sensor size while buying camera. My suggestion to you is buy a camera  with larger sensor size because it gives images with high quality and clarity.

Shutter speed:

Amount of time shutter in the camera is open to capture the image is shutter speed. Shutter speed is the focal length of the lens in the camera.  It is measured in seconds and in all case using 1/60th seconds or faster. Usually, the camera contains 1/500, 1/250, 1/60, 1/30. Higher the denominator the speed is faster.

In front of a sensor, there is a small swing called shutter. It opens when you snap a photo. It closes to let light hits the sensor and creating an image. There are two types of principal in modern camera shutter: Focal plane shutter and Leaf shutter. Focal plane shutter resides in front of images plane. Pair of overlapping blinds in focal plane shutter forms adjustable slit or windows operate by spring or electronically. Leaf shutter positioned between or behind lens components. Overlapping metal blades are in this type of shutter, opening and closing process done either by electronically or by mechanical actions. Sensor size assist beginners to choose the camera in the market.

Best suggestion from my side to choose the best camera for beginners. Buy the camera of shutter speed with high number of denominator because higher  the denominator faster is the speed.


ISO stands for International standards organizations. It used with a picture to delineate the pictures reactivity to light. In other words “ ISO measures camera sensor’s sensitivity to light”. ISO is an important setting in the camera. It is measured in number. If lower the number then less sensitive. Similarly Higher number sensors will more sensitive to light. Therefore more sensitive which allows the camera to used in dark. Each camera has different ISO values. ISO 100 is low and ISO 6400 is high. High sensitive produces high picture quality.

My suggestion is to beginners while selecting best camera. Choose the camera with more sensitivity because more sensitive camera allow you to use in dark.

Megapixel resolution:

Megapixel means one million pixels. Unit of graphics resolution equal to one million pixels.  Resolution in a camera phone and digital camera are measured in megapixels. Selfie camera has a lower megapixel when you want to take the more clear image you need more megapixels. More megapixel required to make a large print. While cropping and editing more images requires more megapixels. Digital resolution of the photo or video that captured in camera. 12-megapixel camera capture in 4200×2800 pixels resolutions. For example 8 megapixel SLR digital camera better than 10 megapixels in a smartphone camera.

Editing and cropping require more megapixels. hence I suggest beginners is to choose a camera with more megapixel resolution.

Modes and editing features:

The digital camera chooses a number of modes for various use in some situations. Some manual modes in DSLR. Automatic modes in a point-and-shoot camera. The prosumer camera provides both manual as well as automatic modes.
Editing functions selected before clicking images. Rotating, cropping, and also reducing the size of images is the basic editing functions. The latest digital camera has more advanced editing functions. Therefore it allows making colors in images, either overall or individual images to green, blue or red. Editing is time-consuming in camera as well as more efficient.

My suggestion to the beginners choose camera with editing and mode feature. Because it helps rotating, cropping and also colors to images.


You must know the warranty time when you buy a new product. In case you are ready to buy a camera, must notice the what warranty time it contains. The camera contains 1 year and more warranty then it is better to buy that camera. When your camera goes wrong, returned the camera to service-center. They repair the camera and gives the working camera back to you. A product has less warranty not that good, due to low-quality product contains less warranty. See the more warranty and buy a more appropriate product.

I suggest to beginners while buying the camera, you must see the warranty of the camera.


If you are ready to buy a new camera then notice the cashback is available or not. When it contains cashback then you can buy that particular camera. If Camera not performed in a good manner then you can return the camera and also take money back. In some company has these criteria, therefore choose best camera for use.

Finally I suggest beginners to notice cashback while buying best camera. Because it help when the camera has any damage you return and take your cash back.

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